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“ Owning a home is not just a dream; it's an investment in your future. At Future Homes Properties Ltd, we believe that quality living should be accessible to everyone. Explore our collection of affordable homes in Kenya, where value, comfort, and your dreams unite to create the perfect place to call home. “

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Unlocking Dreams: Quality, Affordable Homes in Kenya

Discover the key to a life well-lived: owning your dream home in Kenya. At Future Homes Properties, we don't just offer affordable houses; we provide the foundation for your future, the canvas for your dreams, and the comfort of quality living. Welcome to a world of affordability, quality, and endless possibilities."

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Dr. Anthony Onyango

I was looking for an investment property, and Isaack Rono provided me with quality options that fit my criteria perfectly. Their knowledge of the market and commitment to my needs was impressive. I now have a profitable investment, thanks to their services.


Dr. Beatrice Mbai

As a first-time homebuyer, I was nervous about the process. But thanks to the exceptional service from Isaack Rono, I found my dream home within my budget. Their expertise and dedication made the whole process smooth and stress-free.


Daniel Cheruiyot

Their strategic marketing and negotiation skills ensured a quick sale at a great price. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


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For more questions or enquiries about any project or residence, you can reach out to me through my whatsapp or the form below. Optionally see the some of the frequently asked questions by some of our clients.

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Freehold interest means that the property is owned for an unlimited time so one can actually be burried on his/her own property and so can his/her her subsequent generation. Leasehold interest means that the property is owned for a limited period depending on the agreement.

No it is not but it gives you a clear clarification of the market value for negotiations purposes, financing incase of taking a mortgage, assessment of investment, resale value assessment and risk assessment.

Other fees include legal fees, valuation fees if any, survey fees, transfer fees attorney fees and many more. These fees in total range from 2-5% of the purchase price.

The property is in very good and clean condition. If there are anything repairs to be made, we are willing to address that as part of the acquisition negotiation.

No there are no liens, encumbrances or outstanding debts on the property. It is free and clear of any such obligations.